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green socksWell, it is St Patrick’s day.

Lately, I have been failing to spend much time knitting things for me – rather than for my online shop, so have tried to mix in a bit more of making for me things, and now have another pair of socks to wear as a result.

This yarn was given to me by my good friend Bren – unfortunately I lost the label so I can’t tell you what make it is – but it is a wool and possum fur blend.  |It’s lovely and soft and Bren is a star for knowing the colours I like… and you will be surprised to know green is my favourite colour!


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avenue socks

The avenue socks are finished.. finally. I got bored with them – yarn that does interesting patterns, or stripes or mixing colours are much more fun, this was just like doing plain knitting.. on and on.

Actually I quite like some non-thinking knitting, I can chat, or watch TV or just mull things over, very soothing when there is a lot going on, but socks are fiddly, unlike anything with larger yarn, and I have to pay attention.   The advantage is they are small and take-anywhere-able, so I can always have some knitting with me to pass the time.

So, another project.. and more socks. but this time zingy yellow self patterning socks.

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lurid socks

The rains finally came, though once again the forecasters got it wrong and it was pretty good today. However, raining means evening knitting instead of gardening, and I finally finished these lurid socks. The yarn is from colinette  – jitterbug. What is not clear from the photo is how the pattern spiralled around the socks. Very pleasing to work with.  Even if it has been over six months…

so.. next project on the knitting WIP list, is ‘make something with the teal  alpaca wool himself bought me for Christmas’

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Well this plan of having only five WIP in terms of knitting is working out, and I have now finished one of the smaller projects – socks. They are great – really comfy (please ignore the mud on my jeans and the wall that is part of our ‘make living room more pleasant project’!)

The yarn is from opal, but I lost the band, so cannot name it. I have a feeling the pattern was supposed to be uniform, starting with a certain colour, but as the instructions were in German (himself bought the yarn as a thingymas present), I have no idea. I like the random way they have turned out.

I’m silly really – resisted sock making for ages cos it was so fashionable. and I object to fashion (always feel it leads people rather than the other way around), but now realise how much fun it is – and a great way of using up enormous stash of yarn..

So now I can add to my list, and have chosen:

To make something out of ‘first attempts at spinning yarn’ which has lots of err..novelty textured bits….

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One of my favourite hobbies is starting knitting projects.  I love it.. the new yarn.. the deciding what to make.. casting on..seeing how it knits up.  Problem is, I’m not always great at finishing projects. 

I have completed lots of things.. but my home is littered with the remains of UFOs (unfinished objects) , some of which are older than my teenage son. The problem is partly because I seem to have a short knitting attention span.. I get bored and have to have several projects on the go at once. Actually there is some sense in this, as some projects are easy knitting – can be done whilst chatting, or watching TV, whereas others are more thinking things.. and its good to have both..

Other reasons to not finish an item are:

  1. my son growing faster than I can knit  – I have two jumpers I started and the fink grew out of before I got to the end!,
  2. yarn being a mistake purchase.. you know it looks lovely in a skein or ball but knits up totally differently.. I think I have learnt how to visualise the knitted project now, so that happens less.. but still the bags of wool are here waiting to be used another way.
  3. Summer.  This is the big one.. as soon as the daylight hours open up into evening, we are out there gardening, tending vegetables and animals, or just enjoying the great outdoors.  There is little time for knitting, and it gets packed away. Only the following Autumn, when the clocks change and the fire gets lit again do I consider knitting.. but, ack!, I am most likely to start yet another new project.  Then the knitting guilt goblin mutters in my ear about how I will never finish it.. look at all those other UFOs!, and to prove her wrong, I pick up old projects.. try to work on too many at once, and the place fills up with yet more bags of yarn

To add to the stash-guilt, when my Gran, now in her nineties, decided to give up knitting… (she was always well into knitting, and was fast too) she gave me all her old needles and wool stash. So I have two under bed storage thingies, full of odd balls of wool, left over from my previous finished items, and inherited from Gran too.  as well as the bags of UFOs…

Then, I made it know to himself, that some special wool always went down well as a present.  And it does, I love getting a ball or two of some lovely yarn. At that winter festival thingy, he gave me some lovely sock wool, and some spun sari silk.  Love it! Really enjoy imagining what I am going to make…My friend in New Zealand sends me yarn now and then too.. different things we cannot get here. Great! 

and a HUGE stash of yarn… and if that is not enough, now we are spinning the wool from our own sheep…

So time to be a bit more organised. I have decided to work only on five projects at a time . yeh I know that’s still five, but it keeps me interested. I’m going to list them in the side bar here, and that way, come Autumn, I should at least remember what I am working on.  I shall try and make it a mixture of old stash (which is largely acrylic), new stash (lovely sock wools and gifts of special yarns) and home spun.  I shall also try and keep the mix of large and small projects.. so a turnaround of work in progress is maintained.. and I can add to the list as soon as something is completed. Well.. it might work..

so current WIP:

  1. browny pinky green socks. yarn from opal (lost the label already..) It came with a pattern, but it was in German, so am following a different recipe..I have a feeling you are supposed to start at a certain point in the colour stripes.. but I have just knitted as is, and let it develop as it wants.
  2. bright yellow green red socks, yarn from colinette -jitterbug. present from himself
  3. multicoloured jumper for me, made out of all sorts of colours, yarn from stash.
  4. cardirework of cardi I bought in a charity shop.  It was £2.50 and marked XXXL. Although not exactly skinny myself, it still was wayyyy too big for me. The shoulder seams came down to my wrists.. and the sleaves hung over by another 1.5′! I am rewinding it, and will make something new from it for me.  Long job, but I love this sort of recycling.  Saved it from landfill, got myself some cheap yarn too!
  5. a jumper for my son. Part new and part stash. I had a large ball of wool left over from a jumper I made for him when he was much younger.. I bought another huge ball (400g) of a different blue, costing only £5.49, and together they should make a nice stripey jumper for not much outlay.

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welly socksHimself was bemoaning how his socks always seemed to work themselves off his feet when wearing wellies.  The ground is so soggy and poached that wellies are fairly essential wear in the fields and garden now.

so, I rummaged in my amazingly large stash of wool and found some chunky wool left over from a jumper, and made these.  They are big, which makes them ideal for wearing over an ordinary pair of socks, and so I am told, they stay put. yay.

You might have noticed the ‘interesting’ colour design.. with just the one dark blue toe. Stylish eh? or possibly the result of running out of wool annoyingly close to the end.  Had I known, I would have put in some stripes or something.

Himself tells me that the wellies don’t care, and nor does he as he has warm comfy feet.

 Considering  they cost nothing, and do they job they are made for, I’m fine with the daft colour scheme too.

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