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Devon County SHowWe’ve been at the show today.

We particularly wanted to go to take a really close look at the sheep – shows are an ideal way of finding out what you really like in a breed.  We looked long and hard at the blue faced Leicesters – as we are tempted to add one or two to our flock, we admired the other breeds, and we chatted happily with owners of Shetlands – the phrase ‘oh he looks nice!’ seems to start many a conversation with fellow shepherds. And we watched some of the judging.

Himself was very taken with the steam engines, and hence we have a picture of that instead of any sheep!

We collected addresses (sheep owners, not traction engines), gathered ideas,   talked looms at the guild of spinners and weavers stand (himself will insist on calling them the guild of assassins…), dreamt a lot over wind turbines and reclaimed furniture,  and came away foot sore and full of plans.

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Over the last couple of days we have been tackling the room of doom aka the spare room.

‘Spare’ makes it seem surplus to requirements – not so – we have both worked from home in that room, it is the main storage area of our home dyed wool, in various stages of  process, our dvd and cd library, and alas, a general dumping area.

The cats, Molly and Pete have been helping.  And by helping I means curling up and lying down in the middle of everything  – in Pete’s case, and playing happy adventures climbing through the loom and over teetering boxes with glee in Molly’s.

But, after many days, lots of sorting out, being ruthless, building shelves and reorganising, we now have a large space in the middle of the room – revealing the hideous swirling brown and orange nightmare carpet we inherited in all its ‘glory’.  One day we shall change it.. but it seems far down the priority list at the moment.

Ultimately our plans are to make a study / craft room.  With a big table to sew/model/craft at, my desk an paperwork mountain in the corner,  a little wood burner installed in the fireplace, the sofa bed will double as guest sleepage, and a chair so we can spin or weave or  knit or craft and keep each other company as we craft , listening to the radio or music etc.  I did wonder if I had over subscribed the room with too many uses, but now we have shifted everything about, it actually seems possible, as it is a large room, and all that shelving takes advantage of the high ceilings.   (Why do we have high ceilings upstairs and low ceilings downstairs?)

but before we play musical tables and set ourselves up there, we have to tackle our son’s room – or more to the point the floor – which is decidedly bouncey and if anything like the floor that came with the room of doom, the joists  will have been eaten by the delightful death watch beetle, and will need replacing – with all that that entails.

So – we have been opening boxes of things not yet unpacked since we moved in, and making decisions and freecycling etc, because the floor of my son’s room needs replacing. you know how it is.

There is a goal at the end of all this hard graft, and it is that craft room, with the wood burner and sofa and all the craft things… and then no doubt the room of doom will become the room of loom.

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woven bagBoxing day for us is a nice indulgent work free day, when you have time to play with your new toys, or start that craft project you have been meaning to do.  I took up my needles and started making some things for me, after a long stretch of present making or making products for my online shop and the gallery.

Himself got out the frame loom we ‘accidentally’ bought back in the summer.  He warped up and using some thrum ends of wool from Coldharbour Mill, started to weave.  What do make? he asked. Always good to have something in mind when making.  A peg bag says I – then he could try lots of different ideas out, and it will be useful too.
So he began and as life returned to normal the weaving was done in the evenings by the fireside, and by new year’s day, he had finished.  Not bad for a first go eh?

warping up

I’m now thinking of lots of projects I want to try out too, whilst himself is thinking of trying out the big floor loom we were gifted….

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