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I have decided, if I am going to justify my habit of buying fabrics, hoarding clothes that need a little alteration, and such, then I need to make some actual time to do some sewing.

The idea fits in well with the fact I am on a bit of a budget, I like recycling and well.. I may have mentioned it… I like fabric….

So, the plan is to carve out that time, and actually get on with.

To kick start me, an easy project, un-beiging a beige jacket.  It’s a perfectly good jacket, light-weight, ideal apart from… it’s beige.  20170628_160829I don’t know why I bought it… ok actually I do, I was brought up with the idea  that buying ‘neutral’ colours was a good choice, as then the item will go with everything..  Good idea.. apart from the fact that I like colour. So I have a tendency to put down the colourful thing in a shop, opt to buy the sensible, then never wear it because it is…sensible.

See how neutral it is? I took this picture inside the greenhouse (it was a rainy day, ideal for project) and it blends into the stone wall…..bleuh….

So to resolve this issue, I decided to dye.  Studying the label I established that the main outer of the jacket was cotton but the faux fur, lining and zip  (and maybe the stitching.. that can go either way) were synthetic and would not pick up the colour. So I had to choose a colour that would go well with the faux fur etc. I went for dylon emerald green.  (cos you know… I do like green…) Then I weighed it and tried to estimate how much of weight was in material that would pick up the dye… Then shoved it into the washing machine.


And it worked, I like the contrast with the fur and buckles, the stitching does show but it’s fine.
I love my ‘new’ jacket 20170703_092833

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green patchwork

green patchwork cushion
Today the new roof begins.  Well today the house became clad in scaffolding, the new roof should follow.  Fingers crossed for no more nastier surprises than the ones we have prepared ourselves for.  Still I guess they wouldn’t be surprises then…  Anyhow, it is going to be stressful, and expensive. But necessary. And hopefully it will fix various damp problems too.

The cats were not very impressed and spent  a lot of today glaring at the men through the window – on every level of the house too!, and I admit they had a point, it was very inhibiting, venturing out wondering if  a scaffold plank will land on my head.  I did enough to check the sheep and poultry, and making rounds of tea, then stayed in and indulgently sewed this cushion.  Green is my favourite colour – no surprise there then, but it also seemed an apt colour choice  for St Patrick’s day.

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swim bag 1
Sometimes you find you end up doing the same thing as other people for all the same reasons. Take patchwork, I had always seen it as a hobby whereby people took a few different types of material, cut it up, then reassemble it back into material. Often making quilts.  I can see the attraction, but not desperately calling me.  Each to their own I guess.
Then my son requested a new swim bag. Blue. As far as he is concerned everything ought to be blue. So I had a hearty delve in the fabric stash, only to find a distinct lack of decent quantities of blue material. I do however have lots of bit and pieces because, as previously mentioned, I am a hoarder.

I came up with this cunning idea.. if I stitched the material together, even worked on a simple design, rather than looking like a bag botched together from rags, it would like a deliberate plan, whilst using up oddments. Clever me! – that is until I realised I had reinvented patchwork – because that is the truth of it, a way of using up scraps.
swim bag 2

So here it is, a bag made out of parts of 2 maternity dresses, some old swimming trunks (nice shark design) and fully lined out of old shirt material.

Yes a realise it could with pressing – but it is not going to happen! – Son was delighted with the result.

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