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small blue
Today, I spent a fair bit of time sat in the shade of the big umbrella, needlefelting hedgehog pincushions, as you do. It’s bizarrely warm for April, I mean.. sitting outside.. in the shade! We’ve been barbecueing and walking in the evenings too. Far too nice a day to craft inside, in fact the house was colder than outside.
I brought my camera too, as I had a lot of company:
The swallows are very chatty, and sit on the telephone wire above my head telling it all. Behind me on the rosemary the bees carefully worked each tiny flower
honeybee and rosemary


butterflies taunted me, an orangetip scooted by several times without stopping, and it took a lot of leaping up with the camera before I snapped a picture of the small blue. She seemed to like the marsh marigold, as did the bees
marsh marigold and bee

The flowering currant was covered in all types of bees, this, I think, is a tree bumblebee
tree bumble bee and flowering currant

Not a bad place to work


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felting days

swirly feltLately, I have been making felt – a messy event I do in the garden as I seem to get soapy water everywhere.

But if the weather gives a break just for an hour, I can set to and make a little felt.
felt marble

I’ve been playing with colours, and I think it does me good to get a hit of wool+ colour therapy!

I plan to put the swirly one on the wall, just as soon as I can decide how to hang it.

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