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Rhode Island Red


Meet Eddie and his girlfriend, they are both Rhode Island Reds and represent a new venture for us.

In addition to this pair, I also raised some chicks, and introduced some RIR pullets to the pen, much to Eddie’s delight.

They are all hatched this year, so Eddie has some growing to do yet, and will develop longer tail feathers, but so far I am very pleased with them as a breed,  Their plumage is beautiful, a glowing chestnut browny red.  Eddie is friendly and non aggressive, and attentive to his harem.  The chicks were a lot later to feather up than other breeds – something I will have to keep in mind when planning hatches, but the plus side is the cockerels don’t start crowing until around 20 weeks – a really good trait if you raise the spare cockerels for the pot and yet still want to have good relations with your neighbours!  The older pullet came into lay at about the same time, and has laid an egg every day since – ideal!

So, for 2014 I hope to be able to offer Rhode Island red pullets for sale,, and will also be trying some crosses, with my French blue marans, and Plymouth barred rocks, as these are all said to make excellent crosses, with lots of hybrid vigor – i.e good egg layers!


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