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Scilly time

st mary's

We’ve been the the Isles of Scilly again – a much loved place.
plane shadow rainbow

Not easy to make arrangements for  the sheep and fowl, not to mention greenhouses,  but worth getting away for a few days, worth even the months of arranging hatches etc to fit around the break


We walked lots, we relaxed.
camel rock


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star bathing

Midnight finds us outside,lying flat on the loungers.  There is the muted sound of folks inside their homes, the distant train making its way around the village and up the hillside, and a mix of of smells, earthy nighttime garden mingled with a faint trace of smoke.

There is a definite feel of autumn about the place – only a few weeks ago sleeping outside seemed a blissful idea, but now it is actually cold, and you can see your breath.  We had a blankie, and we  watched the show; the shooting stars – averaging about one every couple of minutes, some small, others with long smokey tails.

Star bathing.

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beans beans and courgettes

Life seems to feature a lot of these at the moment.   And a lot of picking, slicing, blanching and freezing. The runner beans we are trying to eat fresh, as they are the best that way, but these flat French beans, and the purple ones, are all for the freezer, to feed us throughout the year.
Life also seems to involve freezer tetris too, as we resist putting on another freezer, if we can just reorganise, use up, eat up produce..

Tis a good problem to have.

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