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all weathers


I predicted last week, when we were basking in a March heatwave, having had to find the factor 40 and buy a sun hat, that this heat will pass, normal temperatures will return and we will look back in wonder.

But I was wrong, because we have had all extremes it seems – hard frosts, high wind, icy rain, then finally this afternoon it hailed.  And it’s cold. The rayburn is back on, the fire light, sun hats abandoned, woolly jumpers back on.

I hope nature is coping.  I had to rig up some shade for the new pergola, as the plants are not yet established enough to provide any, and it was far too warm and lovely to be inside – and following a flurry of chicken egg cosy orders, I had to make more stock.

clematis life

I have found more old cotton sheets (I’m a hoarder) and have dyed them a delicious dark green, and will sew on D rings so the shade can look a bit more meant and a lot less washing hanging up! Hopefully, at some point in the summer we shall have hot days again… and the shade will be needed, and maybe by then we will have moved the plants and weeds growing under.

Whilst sorting out some shade, to my joy I have found the ancient sticks of clematis that we had to prune at the wrong time of year are sprouting! Hopefully the cold snap has not set it back.Perhaps we can dare to hope we have done the plant some good and it will come back better than ever?


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