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I hope you had a nice time celebrating whatever you celebrate 🙂 – We did – the turkey was slow cooked for 16 hours! and better than ever, safe and sound in it’s foil tent covered in home made bacon.  We cooked loads of veggies – mostly home grown – roast spuds, parmesan parsnips, braised red cabbage, carrots, sprouts, creamed leeks, and savoy cabbage.  And we had the trimmings: bread sauce, damson cheese, sausage wrapped in bacon, chestnut stuffing and gravy. All the meat was home reared and cured (where applicable) and added to the general satisfaction.

It was all ideal.   And we have had a lovely few days prepping, enjoying and taking it easy.  Really ideal.

And now the house is stuffed with food, and we all adore turkey sandwiches, and the contentment seems set to continue.


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