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game pie 2In this week before Christmas, what makes me feel really festive is the all creative cooking that goes on here.  When the weather is poor and the daylight so short, you do find yourself driven indoors, and with festive foods and presents to make, it all seems to make sense.

I made a raised game pie – well I say game, but the meat I used was muscovy duck and pork from our own pigs.  The recipe could easily be altered to use any assortment of ‘game’ (- and when we have our own quail and guinea fowl, there will be no looking back !), but this combination is a winner and the family voted it onto the ‘do again’ list.

game pie
I had a slice at lunchtime today, and the men in my life had theirs in their lunchboxes.  Mine came with cranberry and apple chutney, the sweet zingy taste excellent with the pie, if I do say so myself.


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