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rumtopf result

rumtopfOh my.

oh my oh my

I tried the rumtopf tonight.   The fruit spooned out and served with homemade ice cream  – That is sooooo delicious!

I started it back in June, and in went

400g strawberries, + 200g sugar and 70 cl of cheap dark rum.

then in went plums, cherries, pears, raspberries, blackberries  as they came into season, each with half the weight of sugar and a slosh of rum.

rumtopf 2So good.. and when  have finished the fruit  (does that count as one of my five a day?  ), and that will take a while ,  the liqueur can be bottled.

Honestly I thought that given that these rumtopf jars turn up in charity shops – people didn’t make rumtopfs for a reason..  but as far as I’m concerned, definitely doing that again.

oh dear.. and I will have to make sure the jar is empty by summer…..


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