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oranges and peel

orange cardamom cakeWe are beginning to feel festive, helped today by a really rubbish day, weatherwise.  Yesterday we were hedging, but today, really miserable, and we declared an indoor day.

Instead of DIY, we pootled in the kitchen making things for ourselves and presents.  And the fire was lit, and it felt lovely.

Himself has been making candied orange peel – and it is delicious! – I always hated peel in cake and mincemeat as a child, and I think the bitter taste is something you have to grow into, but the homemade stuff is a world apart from the kind found in bags of mixed fruit. He cut it into sticks and we took a small bag with us to nibble on, on a walk in the lanes, when it was sunny on Friday.  On the way round we came across a table outside a house with an honesty box.  They were selling their own walnuts, so we paid and brought some home – how lovely to have walnuts from the area.

From now on, I shall be stashing all peel from oranges etc in the freezer, to make our own candied peel (as if we don’t have enough in the freezers already!), but this time round we started with a bargain bag of oranges. So, as well as enjoying the oranges fresh, I continued with my obsession with the upside down fruit cake recipes, and came up with an orange and caradamom upside down cake.  Lovely


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