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tableYou know how it is – you go swimming, and come back with a table. and fortunately we had a lift back from the pool.. did not have to take it on the bus….

Fortunately himself is tolerant.. I did describe it.. and he rashly said he trusted my judgement.

We have been looking out for exactly this, and when I walked through the market.. there it was.  An old bit of furniture – I love ‘pre loved’ – I like all the dinks and marks, but best of all the solid wood.. and the fact you dont have to worry about it. We wanted a drop leaf table, so we can have the space when we want to, extra table when we need it,  – but one that did not shake much.. as we make a lot of pasta with a hand machine, and need it to cope,  and  it needs to be strong enough to cope with home butchery and ..well lots of abuse.  And it has drawers and a cupboard too.. great – somewhere to stash the pasta machine!

I even haggled a bit (I hate haggling), with the whole “your breaking my heart with an offer like that, routine ” and banter, and got it at a good (cheap) price, we are happy with.

Now, after lots of looking for the right one, we can play musical tables, and the big pine table can move upstairs and become my craft and sewing table.  Luckily himself  thinks its just right too.

Ok so the new table I am excited about doesn’t look much, but with  some sanding, polish, and one day a paint job on its lower half to match the rest of the kitchen (also one day), it will be ace.


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