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sitting ducks

sitting duckBoth of our muscovy ducks are now sitting.  Chloe is making quite a good job of it, but I think Clarissa has lots to learn as she often leaves an egg out, etc.

But saying that.. I don’t really know.  The whole thing seemed odd to me, until I worked out the rather obvious statement: ducks are not chickens.

We have kept and bred chickens for a while, and we had them as a family whilst I was growing up, but I am fairly new to duck keeping. And.. of course.. they act completely differently. Ducklings grow at an astonishing rate, and this whole water bird thing.. it’s more than a desire to swim, they need water, and their whole system seems to be water – they eat their food very wet, they poop very wet. They do seem to like wet weather and are always, it seems, wet.

It took us by surprise that Chloe choose to lay her eggs at night.. and then she seemed to be making a mess of things, sitting on the eggs then coming off.  But then it became apparent that she was still laying them, and whilst that was going on, she stayed with them.  There was lots of sorting out going on, then suddenly she was sitting, and that was that.  Chloe followed suit a few weeks later.

Does it look like the box is made out part of an old cupboard and a bit of feed sack tacked to the top?  there is a reason for that….

Capt. Speck would be lonely, but he seems to get on with the white ducks, they eat together and so on.  Once a day the ducks get off their nests, scoff, poop, drink and have a bit of a fly around, then back on the nest.

muscovy duck nestI took the opportunity for a peek at the eggs (they were wet too…)

Are they doing it right? we shall see. We figure, they are learning the ropes anyhow.


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