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Yup. That’s me.  Obsessively monitoring the forecasts, I’m unapologetic, and don’t understand those that now complain of the rain,  as we had had so little this spring and early summer, and we are dependent on collected rain water, having no mains where our livestock or crops are.

We have been watering, and that means a lot of carrying, and a lot of time spent doing it. And the water butts and IBCs have been emptying one by one.

Even more worrying for farmers in the area, and in other areas affected by drought, in the UK and Europe. And it will have a knock on effect on the cost of food, and even touch those that complain about the rain when it does come.

Last night it started raining, and hasn’t stopped since. We couldn’t be happier – though it will take a lot more than this to top up the water table, for now the ground is finally wet, and all our water storage is full.  Then we have filled everything else we can find, including the duck’s pond, to their delight.

We should have been doing any number of house renovation things, but instead we had a sort of day off – in between collecting water, animal checking and digging spuds for tea – and have played with wool this afternoon, and it has been rather nice.


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