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If like me, you are not inclined to use any pesticides on your veg, what to do about blackfly, which seems keen on broad beans.  A tip my Dad gave me is to blast them off with the hose pipe – thumb over the end, knock em off. Do this daily ish and no problem.

Apart from the problem of not having mains pressure water.. or in fact mains water any where near the veg patch.  We collect rain water (if it rains….) in various IBCs and old juice container etc, and if we have to water the plants, we have to carry it.  After lots of ideas, the easiest way is to wheel barrow a dustbin of water over, and then water can it over the plants.

So, in comes the blaster gun – a pump action water gun would be perfect, but we made do with a pump sprayer… blast! blast! blackfly be gone.


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