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beach days

cream tea slaptonIt’s getting a bit unfunny, this lack of rain.  The water butts are running out one by one, and we have to devote a lot of time to watering, which only results in keeping the sad plants alive rather than them doing much growing.  Some rain please!

The upside is beach days, and we had one today.  Well I say days, but its only part of a day, after the animal rounds etc, we packed up a cream tea picnic and headed out, paddled, collected stones, ambled about, read books.. then home to some planting in the relative cool, more animal checks and the long watering session, and finding out which bits of skin  missed the application of factor 40.


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red onion


French beans, limka, first sowing – in wigwams in veg patch

runner beans

French beans limka, second sowing – in wigwams in veg patch

melon – in coldframe

lettuce – in greenhouse border

borlotti climbing beans  – in veg patch

squash, crown prince – in veg patch

squash, hasta la pasta (spaghetti) – in veg patch

tomatoes – last one in the greenhouse

French beans, purple climbing – in veg patch




celery leaf

pak choi thinnings


new potatoes

elderflowers 🙂

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