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I had a nice little salad to go with my slice of quiche with lunch today (meals seem to be heavily egg-based these days!), corn salad, and lettuce thinnings, chives, and.. our first radish of the year.  It volunteered.  That is to say, it was a volunteer plant.

Turns out being slovenly about clearing out the greenhouse has some advantages.. the radishes that had gone over, had truly gone to seed, and I have an unexpected bonus crop of radishes.. and earlier than the ones I had sown on purpose.

I think I might let some go to seed on purpose next year, I’ve not really got into saving my own seed yet, with so many things they wont breed true anyhow – the squash family are very promiscuous, for example, I suspect the same problem would come for beans, and I like to grow different varieties of tomatoes.. dont really want a blend (although developing the colour it green tomato type could be fun). But radish seeds collected from the greenhouse, that seems easy enough. Well it must be, they managed without my help completely..

There’s a lettuce seedling volunteer in the corner too….


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