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It’s all part of making the duck run (someday, somewhen) you understand, burning the rubbish around the firepit.  Nothing to do with being a family of pyromaniacs with a tradition of marshmallow toasting.

It was a splendid fire, we built it during the day, then went about other jobs: lawn cutting, hen house cleaning, planting peas, dagging the sheep,  digging, etc.  Then came back in the evening to set light to it. We should have been more organised and planned a bonfire meal. But as always, we just dreamt about it alot, whilst obtaining a ‘healthy glow’ (not to mention smokey hair) due to being close to embers toasting said marshmallows.

Again, today was hot, and again once the sun dipped, it was April.  Beautiful blue skies, and for once, uninterupted by plane trails – due to the volcanic ash disrupting flights.  I know its having a bad effect on so many, but personally relatively unscathed, it was nice to sit in the garden at lunchtime and see the skies unblemished.


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