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Had the first of the wild garlic the other day in an omelette (or nomlette as we now call them), with cheese and wild garlic.  Delish.  We don’t have any wild garlic growing on our land.. which is probably a good thing given how much they smell (although if the sheep ate them would that make nice flavoured lamb?), but only five minutes away I can pick loads.  About five leaves to a nomlette is about right.  First time I have tried that – so that goes in my 52 recipes list.

Another addition, is we tried making (not findus) crispy pancakes, as per Hugh F-W.  I make a filling from left over roast chicken, mushrooms, stock  and onions, and a dash of cream.  Then made pancakes in the normal way, filled, sealed with beaten egg, dipped in egg, then bread crumbs then fried.  Very nice.  We did have a bit of an issue with the pancakes being too big, but got around this by halving them, which made for nice manageable triangle shaped parcels.

We’ve been eating eggs a lot lately – as the hens are laying well, and we go through patches of no one buying eggs.  They always come back, and we suddenly sell loads at once, but I don’t want to sell old eggs, so I freeze them, and all meals are egg based – not a hardship with either of the above recipes.


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