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It’s definitely that time of year – and sowing and planting is well underway.  The greenhouse and patio look like a mini plant nursery.. which I guess is what they are!, and the veg beds are beginning to take shape as the first plantings go in.

We have already sown parsnips and carrots – not much activity there yet, and the broad beans plants went in a while back.  In the last few days we  have planted the first of the beetroot modules, 24 caulis, 24 red cabbage and 24 calabrese.  Still lots of the brassica family to come, in the ‘nursery’ we have cabbage ready to go out, sprouts coming on, and seedlings of savoy, and more white and red cabbage ( I worried my plants had been beaten to death in nasty weather.. so sowed more…. have lots now..).

Planted the first of the peas today (early onward) – they have been grown in trays and slipped into their newly dug pea trench, without disturbing them at all.  It’s nice to see the first row of pea sticks up.  the purple podded peas will go in tomorrow.. they caught up the others really fast, and the mange tout are fairly close behind.  The next sowing of peas are just sprouting in the greenhouse, and I am about to start sowing the next succession. One more after that.

I had a bit of moment with tomato plants, as none of my gardeners delight germinated – I was using seeds that were a few years old, so, worried that we would not have any, I sowed the rest of the packet and bought and sowed some new ones.  Predictably, I have about 30 seedlings from the old packet… Still the fantasio tomatoes are struggling, as a couple died and one has turned out blind, so I guess  – with the other two varieties as well(!) I should have enough!

I have spring onion and corn salad up and coming in the greenhouse, and have planted the first succession of lettuce plants – the thinings have already been consumed in sarnies – so already enjoying some of the fruits, well salad,  of my labour

Lots more to do – but it is still enjoyable. Particularly when the sun shines.

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