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We have had our first chicks of 2010 hatch. we set 24 eggs, and a whopping 10 of them were blank when candled 10 days later.  Perhaps Alvin, the cockerel, is finding it hard to keep on top of (scuse the pun) 19 hens.  As well as that – about 5 of them are young, only just POL.

19 is a lot for a cockerel to cope with. Our choices are to cut down on hens, build a second run and have two cockerels, build a love nest run and shove Alvin in there with just a couple of playmates until we have enough eggs, or accept having a greater proportion of blank eggs.  The last option is by far the easiest.. but we shall see.

Ironically, today (or overnight to be accurate) we cooked the last of our home raised chicken from 2009, so it seems apt the new ones should be underway.

So far, we have seven chicks out, and a couple more pipping.

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