Archive for April 8th, 2010

It’s actually been hot these last few days.. such a contrast to recent weather. Today though, I noticed as well as seeing butterflies and bumble bees, the flies are out in force.  And this makes me think about being prepared for flystrike.

I moved Saffie and her lambs into the little field, where the grass is growing, but not yet lush.  Hopefully there wont be mucky bums, as they tend to get when moved onto lush grass, and keeping the grass level down will keep it that way.  There is no happy medium, we either have too little or too much grass – it’s just about turning.

The lambs are huge now – although they were not small to start with, and enjoyed exploring new ground.  Saffie was pleased with the change too, as we are cutting her food down .. and she disagrees with that idea.. but now after bleating at us hopefully for a little while, she goes back to eating the new green grass.

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