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I had an idea to make something Easter themed in the cake department, and imagined chocolate cupcakes, topped with mini chocolate eggs.  Nom Nom.

Actually, the idea of cupcakes don’t make me feel like ‘nom nom’ – as the thought conjures up birthday party fayre of my childhood. and the cupcakes would be shaken out of a box, and the cake parts would be found abandoned all over the house, as kids ate only the icing.. the cake bit was usually dry and tasteless.

But… I thought.. with good ingredients, and the right icing.. and homemade and all that..well how could it go wrong?  I consulted Nigella – not in person, but her Domestic Goddess book, and found a recipe for moist chocolate cupcakes. No cocoa powder, but melted chocolate added to the mix -I even had all the ingredients in the house.. bar my concept of excusing non-Sunday cake eating with the celebration clause – the mini eggs.

I went to the shop.. and tromped to the section of easter eggs that have been annoying me since Christmas.  Only what I found was toilet roll… After a bit of wandering I found the sad shelf of unwanted eggs.. broken, or their boxes opened – and not a mini egg in sight.  Silly silly me.. what was I thinking, to buy Easter eggs, just before Easter – of course not.. they sold out.  That’s why they sell them just after Christmas, and people buy them them, cos they wont have any at Easter..  – I fully expect the tinsel to go up for sale next week.

Anyhow, enough wingeing.. I made the cupcakes anyway, without the symbolic eggs, and oh yes…they were nom nom.

oh, and coming home late tonight, past the closed  shop.. I can see they have restocked their Easter eggs shelf.. it’s bursting.  and the shop is closed tomorrow..


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