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We were remembering the other day, that one year we began the barbecue season on 31 March – ok so we were wearing fleeces, and we came indoors fairly sharpish.. but still.

Not today though – blizzard like at times. My poor little seedlings battered and beaten.  And this is not helping the hen run quagmire situation either..

From a lambing point of view, I’m glad we lambed earlier in the year.

Still, the weather is set to improve.. it’s only forecast to rain for the next few days….

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blackberry clafoutis

Killing two recipe challenges with one pud – my latest blackberry recipe and also number 15 in my 52 recipes in 2010 plan:

blackberry clafoutis – and the recipe can be found here.

I just adjusted the existing recipe, and used blackberries straight from the freezer.. ideal when you have a glut of eggs and frozen fruit to use up! and it was really quick to throw together.

My son said it was ‘the best’, himself declared it ‘splendiferous’  and opined that nothing should be changed at all.  Guess it was alright then……

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Clocks changed today, to summer time.  Hey? not possible – I’m still in winter mode.. and quite honestly.. nature is pretty much there too, ok I guess spring is finally springing.. but only just.  Good though, more light in the evenings.  I would prefer to stay BST all year round.

Himself got the last of the spuds in today rows of Sharpe’s express, 10 of Valor and 11 of Desiree.  Fingers crossed for a nice dry unblighty summer.. as I have just read Sharpe’s Express is particularly vulnerable to blight …*sigh*…

I’ve continued with seed sowing, so far have sown tomatoes (4 varieties), broad beans, radishes, spring onions, red spring onions, corn salad, lettuce, peas , purple podded peas, mange tout, lemon grass, physallis, cabbage, red cabbage, cauliflowers, calibrese, sprouts, parsnips, carrots, beetroot, beet spinach,  and chillies.

Sold 6 dozen eggs over the weekend – funnyhow the selling of eggs goes – we have just had a quiet week – no one came, and the eggs started to pile in labelled bowls .. then they all arrive at once – I think perhaps they have worked out it is Easter next weekend.  I wonder if we will get more buyers once lent is over?  The sold out sign is likely to go up soon – I’m glad we now have a system in place which keeps eggs for our own consumption separate – we would not want to run out Easter ourselves.. but with the hens giving us up to 15 a day, we should be ok.

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As part of our goals for 2010 one is to make the living room more acceptable.

When we moved in we had to, pretty much straight away, replace the floor and ceiling.. then an internal supporting wall… we got a bit tired of that..and stopped looking under wallpaper etc in case we find anything else urgent! – and with spending most of our time outside.. not making a lot of progress.  In fact, its only when people come around that I see just how messy it is – with the  plasterboard ceiling, and half stripped, part plastered walls..

Anyhow.. today we got the ceiling plastered.  its only been…years.. of looking at new ceiling/ upstairs floorboards/ plasterboard and holes/ patched plaster board.

This meant yesterday we had to get everything out – including an amazing array of crafting things – the problem being we both play with wool, so no one is grumbling and making the other feel guilty… so as well as all the furniture and carpet, came out lots of knitting projects.. the carder, the spinning wheel.. etc etc.  and today, back it all went.

Obviously, other people don’t move into the house until its all done.. a la make over programs.. but we can’t afford to do it all in one hit anyhow… and we have to live here meantime.

Progress. Some more lime plastering to be done, some woodwork, some patches.. and we can decorate.  In the meantime.. its nice to have our room back. and our craft things to procrastinate with…

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Two years ago – yes.. embrassingly two – I bought a huge cardi from the charity shop . It cost me £2.50, and was sized for a giant. I think someone might have gone a bit wrong with their pattern there..

So – I unwound it and got 2150g of yarn.

This Jumper used 650g of wool – so clearly I have enough left over to make another couple of jumpers! – that gives some idea of just how oversized that original cardi was!

I just made up the pattern.. using big needles, as I found it heavy and dragging the garment down otherwise, and I put in a swirly wrap around neckline, with a button I selected from my button tin (I inherited some, and I’m a hoarder..what can I say?)

Not bad then, a jumper for £2.50 – and another two to be made for free.

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The mud is back.  Sick of it.  At least the grass is growing now.

This afternoon himself and I were in our waterproofs tackling ‘the patio’ – the paved area by our back door – because I have plants wanting to come out and harden off, and this is the area.. but it was currently slug heaven. And the rest of the ground is unworkable at the moment.

When we arrived it was wonderfully clear – but the previous owner also was a big fan of weed killer…  and we got a bit untidy.. with pots etc lying around from when the greenhouse was rebuilt, etc.

We have already had a major clear up of pots, but today we dug up all the plants that had started to grow in the cracks, and encroach at the edges. I’m shocked – the patio is now twice the size – and we took off two barrow loads of weeds!

So now the plants can come out of the warm snug greenhouse, and face the elements, hopefully with less slugs waiting in the sidelines to munch them.

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meeting Rosie

Met up with Rosie from Eco-Gites of Lenault, today, as she is over in England.

Feels like I have known her for a while now, having been following her blog – so nice to meet in person – and can report she is pretty much as you would expect 🙂

I had a nice lunch and afternoon with her and her boys, despite the constant drizzle. So good to talk to like minded people.

I like like minded people… a bit like minded anyway.. well people with bits of their minds that are like the bits of my mind that I like.

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