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What a glorious sunny day.

We dug, cleaned out animal housing, stacked logs, fixed drains, cut grass and socialized.

We have a new technique for getting the never ended grim jobs done .  Half hour slots. So we have been dragging the last of last year’s hedge trimmings out of the field, cutting off the bonfire material, stacking the log material, and in small slots of work, it is not so daunting. In fact we try to see how much we can get done in that time.  And now the job is done!

We have done the same with clearing up the rocks in the pig run. The run previously had the foundations of buildings there – we dug it all up – but the pigs found the stones we missed. So, in half an hour we cleared it, and the hedge is looking slightly more filled in now (and that was probably where the rocks were taken from in the beginning). 

It turns out these jobs aren’t that bad.. but when faced with only a short burst of working at it, they seem more achievable.

Then we can turn to the things we find more fun


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