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Dry today, so we took this island of dry weather and did a little work on the sheep. 

Everyone got a pedicure, with particular attention paid to Arthur who has developed a   limp over night.  No sign of foot rot, bit swollen.  I’m thinking maybe he knocked it. He feels a bit sorry for himself and not his usual bumping into our legs self.

The ewes got a drench and moved into the big field, and the lambs came into their place in the orchard.  We have far too much grass at the mo. And we have booked the lambs’ special trip next week too. Hopefully Arthur will be back into shape by then.

I now have some additional purple freckles on my arm from the violet spray… lovely.

Picked yet more French beans – only recently discovered the plants were supposed to look a lot better than they do, but we don’t care as they are cropping fine. Also dug some spuds.  Still watchful for blight.. this is the first time since we have grown potatoes on a serious scale that we have had them in the ground so late – the last few years blight has resulted in us digging them early, and therefore washing and storing. So far we are digging them as we need them.

Snuck a barbecue in at the end of the day too – ha! – have to steal them when you can with a summer like this…


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