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As part of our raising-chickens -for-meat plan,  we put the finishing touches to the cockerel house yesterday. which is a gloriously bodge job arrangement. It does look a bit tatty – but that’s cos all the nooks and crannies are on the outside, keeping the inside as smooth and straight as possible to make cleaning out and mite control easier.  It was also free – well apart from the ladder.  It is made out of pallet wood (hurray for pallets!).  Our son, in an enterprising moment, took him self off, and some muttering  and thumping noises later, reappeared with the ladder.. and offered to rent it to us. … some negotiations and a pound later, we now own   the ladder outright, with its interesting and varied treads.

I think we shall have to build something better later on, particularly as I have bought a bigger incubator, so we shall need something roomier – every time we think we are at the end of our need to construct something for the raising chickens plan, something comes along to change it.  Still, this will do for now.

The ‘chickerels’ were not keen on this new fangled building, but took to it, once we removed their previous accommodation (needed for the LS chicks).  They like the shade and shelter provided underneath.

It’s been raining on and off today, and we noticed that each time it rained, five chickerels went under the house to shelter, and one stood outside, tail down, just getting wet. We laughed and said how stupid he was, and how we should call him Mr Stupid.. then himself pointed out we were standing in the rain too…


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