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chicks again

We have chicks again – the Light Sussex this time.  six have hatched – starting on Thursday evening.   One of them took a couple of days to get out – definitely a struggle, and it seemed to dry out too much while inside the shell. We did not like to try to help it along, as mostly this seems to result in the death of the chick – but did gently pick off as much of the stuck on shell it ended up with. Its the very scruffy looking one in the picture. Not sure if it will make it – but it is certainly welcome to try. We haven’t checked out the the remaining two eggs yet – I doubt they will come to anything now.  So that’s six hatched out of ten, two blanks and two failed to hatch.

I quite like the variety of the cross breed chicks, these seem all the same, but they are the typical Easter chick image, very cute.


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