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woke to a snow covered world again.. but it was only a slushy layer, and the sun came out and dealt with it by 10,  the distant moors were white all day though.

Himself had cleaned out the new greenhouse earlier in the week, and the pots etc were all laid on the lawn, so I’m hoping a dose of freezing weather might finish off any lingering blight spores.  Well, I can hope…

Starting to wonder if we can get everything done by the time the pigs arrive… After work, we gathered all the bits of corrugated iron and laid them around the run.  We need a few more sheets, but plan to get some from a reclaim/scrap yard. The problem is although we have six weeks plus, most of that will be at the weekends,  and this weekend the weather looks bad.. guess we will be getting wet then.

I’ve sown more tomato seeds – gardeners delight, and started to sow peas (in modules).  It’s all coming along


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