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There’s a lot of talk  about the complete lack of bees.. and how the world will come to an end without them.  Which is slightly odd given that my garden is heaving with bees at the moment. The garden is looking particularly nice and cottagey  – no thanks to us as we have pretty much left it to do its thing, bar pulling up the odd nettle and tying back the roses when the rose arch blew down. We only have limited time and have been spending it on raising vegetable plants.

I have ‘wasted’ some of that time watching bees though..  not that it is wasted.. we all need time to stand and stare.

I love watching bumble bees dive up fox gloves, disappearing completely.

and as for snapdragons.. they are such clever flowers.. a hinged device; designed to only let in the heavier bees.. the bee lands on the brightly lit ‘runway’ opens the door, collects the goodies, and receive a dab of pollen on the back for his treat.. then onto the next.. plant and bee are both winners

Maybe its the traditional flowers that are popular with bees? more likely there are still plenty of bees about.







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