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afterMajor DIY happenings in our kitchen.. having installed the cooker from our old house, we are now able to take out the hob that we inherited, and make better use of on area of the kitchen.  We really fancied a welsh dresser to go in this slot.. and went out shopping on Saturday when it was raining. We had a lovely time going over the reclamation yard and second hand furniture shops, before suddenly coming across a little dresser that was exactly the right size for the space we had in mind. We ummed and arred over the price.. then decided to look at new dressers… seems the world had gone off pine and moved onto other things.. when we did eventually find one.. not quite the right size and shape, it was four  times the price. Suffice to say second hand was by far the better option.. for our pocket.. and its a kind of recycling…

So, we bought it. Ripped out the old units and recycled them in a different part of the kitchen, and found that the tiles on the wall behind  are attached to… yes.. hardboard again.. and the hardboard is attached to… battens.. and the battens are attached to.. well very little.

Free standing furniture is the way to go in a kitchen with lots of damp, and no straight walls.  For the moment we have put the dresser in front of the beforedisastrous tile/hardboard/mid-air arrangement, but will in time be taking that down.

The new (to us) dresser is a bit on the orange side.. which was popular about ten years ago, but I am thinking about painting it, along with the other kitchen units, to bring it all together – but that is for later.  First we will remodel the kitchen.. mostly by recycling what we have into something more useful, then we tackle the walls which are in a terrible state.. and lastly the decor can be considered.

Definitely progress, and we can start to put stuff away again.  and have places to work again, (and not have to balance the scales on a chair just to cook), which will be nice…


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