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Yesterday, just before the thunderstorm arrived, we found one solitary elderflower head open. With excitement we searched the hedgerows and managed to find the only four heads out. Picked.. and elderflower champagne is now brewing.  Oh, I do long for that first glass of ice cold fizzy elderflower champagne. The true taste of summer. 

Not.. that it seems very summery at the mo, the heavens truly opened and finally my parched vegetable garden got a drink. The water butts filled up yay! and the slugs and snails that had largely been leaving us alone emerged, not so yay.. Still, himself did the ‘slug run’ making a breakfast snack for the hens.

The rains also give us a chance to do some indoorsy things.. like the on going kitchen destruction.  I think we have got to the worst part, and now things are improving.  Have a corgi (clever dogs those corgis) coming to plumb in the ‘modern’ gas cooker, tomorrow and  we have been cutting up and rebuilding kitchen units… recycling them into something useful.

In between showers.. and other tedious events like.. jobs, we have been planting out yet more plants,.. and earthing up the spuds. If only someone could give a definite answer on when the last frost will be… despite holding off planting until the begining of May.. they are all outgrowing their pots and wanting in the garden…


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