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I have mentioned a few times that we have too much lawn.. despite digging lots of it up for veg patches.. and plan to bring the fruit garden into the lawn next year.. but still we face the irony of cutting the grass being the only time we use motorised machinery to do any work at our place… we hand cut wood, hand pull nettles, scythe the rest etc etc..

Well himself has been doing a lot of research into push mowers – asking questions on the self sufficientish forums, reading reviews.  He had just come to a conclusion, when which? magazine did a review on a whole load of push mowers.. and came up with the same one. The Brill Razorcut38. It’s not the cheapest..but the reviews were the best.

It came today! It was impressively unhindered with unnecessary packaging (nice if you go to some effort to buy an eco-friendly product!), easy to put together and is pretty sturdy and well built. Himself got to push it for ten feet before he had to stop… because our son charged off with it and proceeded to mow the entire lawn. I guess that’s a recommendation, that it is so light and easy to use, a child with a disability can mow a large lawn.  He  was very taken with the whole idea, as he sees himself cutting grass for a job.. but is put off by the petrol engine (understandably),..

I guess the old petrol mower that we brought with us might make the occasional outing, maybe the first cut of the year?  But after that I can see us using our new toy – its so light and easy to use, less work then the petrol mower.  We have a second petrol mower that was left behind by the previous owner.. we can freecycle that now, and look forward to petrol free, quieter mowing.  With any luck.. our son will carry on being enthused!

Yes, the brill is… brill.


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