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I don’t know why I keep listening to weather forecasts. They so often get it wrong. Sometimes they even get the current situation wrong! – it will say pouring with rain now  .. and its sunny!  Mostly they tell of gloom.. half an hour’s rain means rain is forecast.. not sun…

The forecast was wrong for the weekend.. Sunday was supposed to be rainy.. but was so hot. We turned the rayburn off. Depressing.. the heart of the home. But mains gas is a con. if we had to chop wood to keep it going we would have let it out ages ago, and the bills are killing us.  So it went cold, and we had cold food for tea. Hopefully soon the other cooker will be installed.. But in the meantime its mega forward planning.. having to decide today if I might need to use the oven tomorrow.. if I want it warm in time!

As if a reward, today was even hotter, and we joined family and friends for a barbecue, and suddenly we are there.. socialising in the garden in the evening, over shared salads, wine and various meat, and it seems a fair exchange:- rayburn off, barbecue on.


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Caught in one of the instant death traps this morning.  Let’s hope he was working alone.  I feel no remorse.. it was him or our food.

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