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Glorious sunny day today, two loads of washing dried, yay for outdoor drying… and not having stuff hanging damply on the clothes horse in the kitchen…

Nice Idle morning, my Mum came round, (as we are havng our ‘Easter holidays’ from home ed at the mo) we drank coffee,  compared notes on the progress of our seedlings, admired the chicks which must be about four times as big as when they first appeared.. admired the lamb, who must be about four times as big…  inspected the veg beds.. and drank more coffee.  As well as putting the world to rights of course.

Made up for it with some graft this afternoon, more seed sowing – peas again, and decided on another batch of calabrese, moved some plants outside etc. Then faced the lawn cutting.  Still a massive job, as we have way too much lawn, and lots of obstacles  – but progress is being made and we are double digging bits of it into new veg patches..

It occurred to me that since the last lawn cut the grass situation has changed. Suddenly we have enough field grass for the sheep. Not necessarily in the fields we would like with our plans of who goes where, which field is rested, attempts to keep worm counts down etc.. but still, there is now grass. 

 I should keep a note – it will be interesting to see when this moment occurs each year, when the grass is suddenly growing faster than the sheep can eat it, whether it is changing like so many other signs of spring..


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